Craveiro Cozinhas

Craveiro Cozinhas focus on the production of all types of kitchens and laundries.

Of the various materials used, we emphasize the high pressure laminate, lacquered and glass. We also work with materials such as plywood, MDF and in general with the entire wood industry. We also use water-repellent for the interior.

Kitchens have gained more and more emphasis in a home and ask for functionality combined with design.

We are a specialized team prepared to produce any type of kitchen, seeing each space as a unique project, proposing detailed solutions.

We also design and produce laundries, integrating them into any space, depending on the customer’s requirements and characteristics.

We guarantee excellence and quality in our products and effectiveness in responding to our customers’ wishes in order to exceed their expectations.

The individualized and personalized service, associated with the new technologies and the diversity of products on the market, makes products unique for each customer.

All projects are accompanied by a technical design, in 3 dimensions, allowing the customer a more realistic perception of the final result.



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