About Us


CRAVEIRO MOBILIÁRIO, LDA. was created in 1996, resulting from an evolution of 2 years (self employed) of one of the partners that, in his professional CV already had 12 years of experience in the national and international market. The target of the creation of this society was to develop the existing market, based on a balanced production between quality and price, that meets the needs and expectations of customers.

The base activity is the production of kitchen furniture fitting on the code of economic activity CAE 31020 – fabrication of kitchen furniture. Over time has been diversifying his offer which includes now several furniture and all kinds of carpentry for the most diverse spaces.

The individualized and personalized service, associated with the new technologies and the diversity of products on the market, makes products unique for each customer.

Currently, Craveiro Cozinhas have approximately 80 employees with high professional experience. Is provided with an area of more than 3700m², composed with offices, exhibitions and factory, with all kinds of equipment of last generation for a superior quality of services.



The quality management system of CRAVEIRO MOBILIÁRIO, LDA is structured according to the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015 and has the following scope:
• Design, production and assembly of several furniture, carpentry and complements, as well as the commercialization of accessories and complements for furniture.
First Contact

The client comes to the store, is received and advised by our professionals in order to establish the needs and desires of the client.


As the request is made a budget, accompanied by a drawing in 3D. This material is made available to the client and the following process depends on the award.


After the verification of measures is made a technical draw for production, which is made in accordance with a previously established planning and informed to the client.


Once the production is completed, the final product is planned according to the customer’s availability.